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soffitti decorati ceiling decoration
Ceiling decoration involves all that aims at modifying space according to aesthetic canons to enhance
its value.
This result can be achieved by the use of  paintings,  sculptures, by creating  particular illumination effects,
by applying plasters/molding or by creating peculiar effects with the application of different materials.
This can be achieved not only on ceiling but also on walls and pavement.
Range of possible solutions is endless, and each time the choice is made taking into consideration the
furniture intender for the space, having as final goal the harmony and elegance of the whole environment.
In this page you will find some of our conducted projects on ceilings. Design was conducted to meat clients taste and projects were carried out by using traditional techniques and modern high quality materials.
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trompe_l'oeil trompe-l’oeil
This painting technique is based on creating an optical illusion.
The painted architectural structure or the object must, at glance, trick the eye to give the illusion that they are real. In fact, Trompe l'oeil means litterally “stumbling eye”, and
the result is achieved thanks to the highest figurative painting technique.
Trompe l'oeils are images that mislead the observer, to make believe that there’s
a window or a door, an object on a shelf or even a whole room or a garden, where in reality there’s just a wall, a flat surface. Even though Trompe l'oeil is a very anchient technique, it still enchants, and its charm remains timeless.

The mind loves to be amazed.
We love to amaze you.
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ritratti portraits
We are an art laboratory, and our aim is to satisfy all the specific  requirements and needs from our clients. Among these, the portrait is a form of fine art which  historicize the subject in his/her own actuality.
We produce portraits with our personal style or, as required, with a style which is the most congenial to the client.
Artmande also carries out  painting  reproductions on requirement.
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quadri classici riproduzioni e contemporanei paintings
Artmarde creates original paintings, just for the pleasure of painting, for the pure pleasure of creation.
A painting is a window opened on colors and forms, historicizes the environment and underlines space.
Artmande  chases a path through  experiments , which take in consideration forms of contemporary art, within the best tradition.
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restauro ripristino pittorico restoration
Artmande is available also for restauration, meaning reconstructing of missing parts of the decorated area, by rebuilding the structure of the original design and bringing to new life the damaged parts of the decorated surfaces. For technical support in projects of restoration of antique pieces, we rely on support from the council of fine arts.|See more
murales decorazione su parete murales
ArtMandE creates murals in modern interior and external walls, childrens’rooms, modular decorations, landscape themes, figures.
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laboratorio d'arte

Artmande is specialized in decorative arts and artistic painting. The company ground its roots in Umbria, Perugia, in 1989. Marco Napoletano started the experience in collaboration with other artists. A few years later he meets Emanuela Multari.
Like him, she is graduated at the academy of fine arts “pietro vannucci” in Perugia, and together they start to collaborate to the realization of a few projects for local architects studios.
In 1997 they move to London to experience a more international professional environment. In fact the collaboration with architects studios of the city takes them to work not only in London, but in libanon (beiruth), Switzerland (lucerna, zurigo), Russia (Daghestan).
Their experience in london lasted for 5 years, during which they carried out important projects in private residences. At the beginning of 2003 they moved back to Italy, in order to invest their experience on the Italian territory, but willing to keep their working environment in a wide and international range.

Visit our gallery to view different moments of the working
process in laboratory and in site.
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The picture in the icon and the first of the gallery was created
by the photographer Silviano Scardecchia.


ArtMandE di Marco Napoletano
Via XXIV Maggio 5, 64018, Tortoreto (Teramo), P.IVA 01686830678
Per informazioni: cell. 0039/3381085218 - 0039/3337335235

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The two pictures of the team were created by the
photographer Silviano Scardecchia.

January/February 1999
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July 2009
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We are represented in Cina by:
Changsha Eurasia
China-Italy Trade Consulting
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